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What is Branding & Packaging Design?

Posted by Mark Grey

As I begin to dip my toe into the world of writing articles I thought I'd begin with something simple... defining what my colleagues and I do in layman's terms - in other words explaining branding and packaging to those who may not be aware.

Over the festive period I spent some time with my dear 90 year old grandfather who is unfortunately suffering from dementia. He would repeatedly ask me what it was I did for a job. I would describe to him each time what my job entailed. Even though he wouldn't ask much following my response, each time I formulated a slightly different answer to gauge his reaction and whether it would evoke any further curiosity.

As it turned out the best response I gave which appeared to get a positive reaction (a smile and an appreciative nod) was the answer below that enabled him to relate directly to how he interacts with the outputs of my job on a daily basis. The answer was as follows:

"So, Grandad, I work in the design industry as a packaging designer working on branded food and drinks. You'll come across my work everytime you visit the grocery store, walking down the shopping aisles. Almost every item of food or drink has a unique personality that has been created by people like me. This personality allows the product to stand proud when sat against it's competitors on the shelf. This personality (aka 'the brand') is conveyed through various applications but primarily through the graphics (including the photography/ illustrations/ colours/ fonts & typography), and the shape/ type of packaging materials used."

Fortunately my grandfather didn't fall asleep in front of me but he would visibly recognise the role played by the branding and packaging designer.

Five minutes later he would of course ask me the same question but that didn't matter. It was just lovely to interact with him and in turn see how my varying responses would create different reactions.

Without meaning to cause offence to anyone with demenita, in summary, the role of a branding and packaging designer is to give a product it's personality and make it look as appealing as possible to the consumer that they want to buy it :).

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