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5 of the Best: CRAFT CIDER - Brewing up a storm!

Posted by Mark Grey

In simple terms with Craft Cider we're essentially looking at produce made using traditional methods by small production plants. In the case of Craft Cider (or Real Cider) it is invariably made naturally from apples in small batches and is neither carbonated nor is it pasteurised.

Like its bigger brother ‘craft beer’, the world of ‘craft cider’ is making its mark in the drinks category with no sign of slowing.

I’ve pulled together some samples in the market lpace that have caught my eye…

1. Westons Craft Cider collection.

Lovely range of 330ml printed cans. Designs range form geometric shapes and typography through to simple hand drawn illustrations. Range includes Pure Hopped Cider - a collaboration between Westons Cider and Purity Brewing Company to create a hopped cider – Pure Hopped – which is a blend of hops.

Design: Brand on Shelf

2. Potter’s Craft Cider

Two tone wood cut style illustration. Full of character and conveys the artisan nature of the product perfectly.

Design: unknown

3. Kent Cider Company

Bold colours, earthy in tone, with a combination of wood cut style illustration, geometric shapes and line work.

Design: Sand Creative

4. Thatchers Stan’s Cider

Although Thatchers is more of a mainstream cider producer, the new range of Stan's cider has been made to match and compete in the craft cider market.

Design: unknown

5. Dan Kelly’s Cider

Dan Kellys Cider is a lovely combo of line work illustration, bold typography and a modern colour palette.

Design: unknown

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