Shedding some light on
the world of branding and packaging

I discuss the subject of design effectiveness and the evaluation of it's success.
Interview with Lisa Hastings - Part 2 - Creative Director and FMCG Specialist
Interview with Andy Pendlebury - Photographer Specialising in Food and Drink.
Is your product left on the shelf or flying off the shelves?
‚ÄčIn this episode I interview Michael Duffy - Global Creative Director for Equator Design.
A few key questions that need to be cross checked and answered prior to writing your Packaging Design Brief.
Applying common sense to common practice with your branded packaging design projects
Craft cider is another growing category with some lovely label and can designs in the mix!
An short article discussing the question of who produces better packaging design -UK or USA?
A short article briefly defining Packaging and Branding Design.
The world of craft ale has been growing for some years now and with it has been an explosion in some beautiful and creative label designs.

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